Nosy Tanga is a privately-owned nearly paradise 11.46Ha island in the Indian Ocean, Mozambique Channel. Tanga is lying north-west of Madagascar (less then one mile from the coast), just 50 miles north-east of Nosy Be, close to the Cape Sebastian area - not far from Diego, Nosy Hara National Park, Nosy Valiha, etc. This uninhabited wild-nature miracle land is a exceptional piece of the Earth real estate ideally suited for the private National Park/resort, incredible residential compound, a magnificent luxury hotel or anything your deep dreams and fantasies may come true...


   Its white sand beaches, romantic rocks and cliffs, unique birds and unbelievably reach underwater world would inspire the only wish - just a desire to stay there forever... The crystal clear tropical colors, incredible variety of fishes, corals... - hay, its always better to take a look once, then read about it on and on! Nosy Tanga is covered not only by the endemic wild forests, but also of the huge plantation of the mango, papaya, banana, tamarind, orange, avocado and baobab trees, pineapple and coconut palms...


The view from the hills and plateau of Nosy Tanga to the Indian Ocean sunsets is priceless.



Price 1 150 000 Euro
Possible long-term rent.

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Video-tour around the island




The landscapes of Nosy Tanga

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Flora and fauna of Nosy Tanga

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The island's maps

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